Friday, May 27, 2011

Contest! Free stuff! Blather! Nude Lindsay Lohan!

I have an idea for a contest and a chance to get free stuff! Ok, so, here it is:

1) Anyone who pre-orders my book from (here) and emails me at will get a free sketch of one of the characters from Loserville Volume One. If on the off chance that you've already pre-ordered, just sent me an email and let me know, or contact me on Facebook or Twitter or by telephone if you're my Mom. Also, if you pre-order 2 books, you get 2 sketches, etcetera and so on! Yipee!

2) Anyone who talks to their local comic book shop, or local library, about carrying of the book, I will send an original sketch - just let me know the name of the comic book shop or library. You can email me

3) There will be a drawing of everyone who has pre-ordered a copy, and a total of three (3) people will be chosen at random to win original artwork from the book. You can hang it up on your wall, or give it to someone as a White Elephant gift, it's up to you!

4) If you do more than one of these things, you get more than one sketch and get entered more than once in the drawing for the original art from the book. Confusing? Sure! Who cares, it's time to LIVE for once!

The free crap and the contest end at 12:01 AM on the publication date, July 12th. So get cracking! Or don't, it's your life!


Alex J. Cox

NOTE: Sorry about the "Nude Lindsay Lohan" bit. I just wanted attention. She's nude all over the place though. Anyways, I love you.