Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hot Rock and Robots

Hi! Here is a cover I drew for a song that Will Wakefield and the Congress Hotel sang. It's a cover of a song by the Police. There are no robots in the song that I'm aware of. False advertising. The song will melt your face off. So I hope you've made peace with your face!

King of Pain Song Download Link Thingy

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Art Dump!

Hi! It's been a million years since an update. I'm going to be making some changes to this page and also updating it more often, but I'm a big ole flake, so there's that.

I put random work-in-progress photos on my FB page. So you can like it if you want. It'll make me feel better about myself. Here's the link: Alex J. Cox Fan Page Thingy

Anyways, here's an art dump! You're welcome!

1) During the Jet City Comic Show some very nice people paid me real money to draw their family. They're comic fans and love monsters and aliens and basically everything that I love. So here is their final piece. They're the ones getting sucked up by the UFOs.  This was one of the most fun pieces that I've worked on. UFOs! Robots! Cats!

2) Here is a goldfish who is also an astronaut. Who says goldfish can't be astronauts? Dream killers, that's who. 

3) This is another commission piece. This was going to be a tattoo but who knows. It's a gentleman skeleton with a top hat. Because all skeletons would wear top hats if you let them. 

4) This is the cover for a project that's sort of in limbo right now. It'll come out one of these days, in one form or another. I'm oddly pleased with this piece, because I'm a horrible judge of what is good. Fun!