Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sea Monster!

Hi! Do you want to see the convoluted process I use to make my mediocre comics? No? Well tough shit! (Note: these were initially posted on my FB page here: Loserville Facebook Page )

1) Here is the initial drawing that I did at work. Drawing at work is how I keep from totally losing my shit.

2) Next, I scan it and clean it up in photoshop and print out a blue lined version to ink. I would post the blue lined version, but it's too much trouble for me to open up photoshop and save it as a jpeg. Just imagine this is baby blue instead of black, and you get the general idea.

3) Then I "flat" the image to separate out all the parts that I'm going to color. All sorts of online tutorials say you're supposed to do this before coloring it. I don't understand it, but I do it anyway. 

4) Then, I go in and color it. I use an antique version of photoshop with some free brushes that I found on the Internet somewhere. Funsies!

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