Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jet City Comic Show-UPDATED

Hi! I am 85% sure I'm going to be at the Jet City Comic Show in Seattle on September 24th. It hinges on whether I filled the form out right. More as this story develops!

08/16/11 MOTHER EFFING UPDATE - Well look at who knows how to fill out a form like a god-damned adult. (Hint: it's me)

I will be at the Jet City Comic Show 9/24/11 from whenever it starts to whenever it ends. It's probably on their website but I can't be bothered to go looking for it.

It's my first show as a semi-professional cartoonist. Excitement abounds! Will I avoid any/all eye contact? Will I say something horrible and inadvertently racist? Why does this blog snip of half of the first letter of every line? Oh! How I wish I had the answers to even one of these questions!

Anyways, come by and see how awkward I am in social situations! Or don't! (please come).

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