Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Positive Feedback! News! Comics! Of the Week! Five Star Reviews!

Hi! Loserville Volume 1 is finally out, which is awesome and pretty much the greatest thing ever. I'm pleased with how the book turned out, it was an ass load of work. And here's some positive feedback on it from the fine folks at Wizard World who it seems have impeccable taste.

So, big thanks to Wizard World gents for picking Loserville Volume 1 as their comic of the week. But notice that the upstanding Wizard World fellows refer to me as "Brooklyn staple Alex Cox." I thought they meant this Alex Cox, but I think he lives in England, so I have no idea who the hell they're talking about. How many Alex Coxs are there? Turns out, there's lots!

Anyway! That's the latest news.

Oh! Thanks to everyone who bought the book! If you haven't, you can buy it from Amazon. Hey, would you look at that, some left the book a five star review (FIVE STARS!) on amazon. Whoever you are, mysterious stranger, I owe you a hug. And I mean a full on hug, not a "bro hug," but a hug that borders on inappropriate touching. Inappropriate touching is how I show my feelings.

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